As we face yet another draconian lockdown, Small/Medium Enterprises in New Zealand’s economic engine room, Auckland, are feeling this one! Literally a few hours notice is reckless & has been extremely costly to many businesses. And of course how does this look for the struggling tourist operators with 35% of the country, at least, not traveling & spending? Absolutely dire at the tail end of a bleak summer for many! Ardern has already responded to calls for financial assistance suggesting we need at least a 7 day lockdown to get any help! What the actual fuck! In my own business it’s already taken a big financial toll, money I cannot get back! The overheads are still due on the same date each month! Ardern has NEVER lived in the real world, bar that one time she served Shark & Tatty in Morrinsville. The only thing that suggests is, don’t take fiscal advice from fast food employees!

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