76 quarantine breaches in 4 months

And explain to me again how it’s not sheer luck we don’t have wide spread Covid in NZ

The herald explains that the breaches aren’t serious.

Covid 19 coronavirus: Chafing under the rules – 76 bubble breaches in four months

However this might be more because none lead to widespread community transmission of the disease.

It’s not just guests of the quarantine facility both staff and guards have been busted flouting the quarantine rules on multiple occasions.

I have been contacted by an Air New Zealand quarantine team member who has witnessed some blatant breaches of quarantine at the facility out by the airport.

We all remember the absolute rubbish that the Labour Party told us earlier in the year about our gold standard quarantine. The testing program that turned out to be non existent.

Seems not much has changed with the desire to keep NZ Covid free.

But hey let’s “Unite against Covid” unless of course you are the ones tasked with keeping it out.

Pure luck has kept us from more debilitating lock downs., nothing more and nothing less

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