If believing all citizens are created Equal and by the consistant sweat of their brow, can strive to become unequal, I am a bigot, so be it…If believing, our Nation was founded in 1840 on the democratic principals of One Law, One Nation and the Equality of all citizens with the rights and responsibilities of subjects under the Crown, makes me a racist, so be it…But before calling me one, I suggest they look in the mirror and realise, who the bigot and racist really is…But “they” don’t have the guts!

May be an image of text that says "Labour National S”nce the 1970s successive Governments have been, and still are, surrendering New Zealand to TRIBALISM, one grovel at a time. Bilingual signage Maori radio TV Renaming placenames Normalising te reo Marae based justice system Transfer of wealth to tribal coffers Opened our coast to tribal ownership' Co-management of parks, rivers and lakes. Special Maori content in our education system Instilling cultural awareness in our health system Opened our freshwater resources to tribal control' WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND ~KIWIFRONTLINE.NZ"
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