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Lockdowns are inherently elitist. And we’re not just referring to the fact that during lockdowns the middle to upper classes can work, play and relax in relative comfort in their comfortable homes (as opposed to the less well-off).

So to what are we primarily referring to?

As per previous posts here, Sweden – which did not lockdown – had a mortality rate in 2020 almost exactly the same as their 10 year average.

“How can this be!? You’re lying!”, the alarmists exclaim. “Sweden has 13,000 Covid deaths, and New Zealand only has 26! Of course Sweden is the obvious basket case!”

Fortunately, you have the answer to this perplexing contradiction right here: up to 80% of the Covid associated deaths in Sweden were in carehomes, where the median life expectancy is 5 to 9 months – upon admittance to the carehome. https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3609493

Note also (as per prior posts on this page) that Swedish mortality in 2020 for the under 65 year category is perfectly inline with prior years.

So very few of the 13,000 Covid associated deaths in Sweden were in fact “extra” deaths for the year; and even fewer again, over an 18 – 24 month period. Which means there were really not all that many years of life lost as a result of Covid, in Sweden – in fact, quite possibly in the region of months, on average.

Meanwhile however – and this is where we get to the point – the poor and young are dying in their millions as a direct result of the lockdowns (as opposed to rich and old who are the most affected by Covid, almost to the point of exclusivity). https://www.time24.news/…/swedish-researchers-the-virus…

And this is just the start. The effects of lockdowns are only really starting to roll in over the past few months – and they will compound before they recede (particularly if lockdowns are continued to be implemented).

So in terms of years of life lost, lockdowns are so far ahead of Covid, its not even funny. At all.

So go ahead. Accuse me of hating Granny, if that is as good a response that you can come up with. Because clearly, if that is your view, you hate the poor young.

Lockdowns are inherently elitist, and Western countries should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

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