By Will Ryan

This weakness is emblematic of the facile nature of most people today. I’ve said for a long time that political correctness, agreeableness, cancel culture and even people changing their gender are all rooted in one thing- mental weakness and not being able to handle harsh truths or contrary views. When your biggest problem in life is “not feeling like the gender you were born with” or “people not accepting you”, in other words biology and different opinions…. you don’t have real problems and were obviously raised in a sheltered, fake, echo chamber. The richest, most comfortable times in human history, have created the most fragile, entitled and pussyfied people ever to exist. They complain about “the far right”, maskless “anti-vax conspiracy theorists” and scream about Donald Trump supposedly starting WW3, because they’ve never been shot at, been in real poverty, starved for a few days or slept one night rough. They think free money, warm housing and every other luxury is just “a basic human right” which should be given to them for nothing, simply because they exist in 2021. Jacinda Ardern is just a reflection of this weak, dumb, socialist mindset, can’t even handle some rugged debate like old school lefties. To people like her, simply disagreeing is rude, impolite and even a form of violence, therefore should be illegal or censored. They don’t have the depth, knowledge or ability to intellectually defend their impulsive ideas, therefore have to prevent all forms of potential challenge. All politicians should have to face scrutiny as they are paid by the public to do so. Facing the public in open debates over big issues should be a mandatory part of their jobs!

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