90% and no haircuts for the unvaccinated

Once the PM stopped congratulating herself on how wonderful she is, we got to hear yet another poorly thought out threat to those who dare not take mRNA pre treatment to COVID.

To get to 90%, a goal not achieved by any country to date, it may be a good idea to release the option that many hesitant of the mRNA vaccine want. The Novavax.

So we now have a two class system in New Zealand for the citizens and a vaccination rate that likely will never be achieved and will divide different areas by their percentage.

So with the no Jab no life measure announced today, it will likely get a small number of people to get the jab. That may take us to over 80% but 90% is a pretty hard target.

Once again we have no idea where we are going to get to apart from another step has been taken to remove the rights of those that have chosen to not participate in the global experiment.

It won’t be long before they come for you or something that you feel strongly about. Then you will wish you stood up for others.

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