99% Vaccination

Gibraltar has the highest vaccination rate which is over 99%

This is a number that those pinning their hopes of no more lockdowns, on high vaccination rates, would salivate at.

Unfortunately like other areas such as Iceland and Israel, where they also have a very good up take of the vaccine, their infection rate has come back with a vengeance.

If you cant keep it out with 99% vaccination what does this tell you?

learn to live with it is the only answer folks.

Iceland also had the vaccine passport and a vaccination rate of over 74%

The vaccination passport gave the vaccinated the chance to go out and enjoy restaurants and other social occasions.

The Iceland Government is now admitting it was a mistake to privilege the vaccinated.

It seems the vaccination passports have backfired on these nations as the vaccinated still can catch and pass on the virus. going out with the passport and assuming they wouldn’t be able to catch the virus is very likely the cause for this increase.

Israel is now administering 1st shots, second shots and third shots to its citizens hoping it will slow the infections.

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