A Country Lost!

It saddens me that so many of my fellow New Zealanders are signing up to end their own freedom that they crashed the vaccine passport website. Once this is up and running the free New Zealand I grew up in is a thing of the past. The generation below us will never know a life without a device that dictates where they can and can’t go based on their level of obedience.

Certain restrictions may come and go, but as long as there is a system that turns your access to services on and off we will never be free. In the near future your carbon score will be attached to the system controlling where you spend your money, what you spend it on, how much you can buy, what you can eat, what you can drive etc

Your behaviour on social media will affect this too. Instead of being banned from Facebook for a few days you’ll be banned from access to the system. We’re already seeing cops turn up at peoples homes over social media behaviour. But because we still have freedom of speech the cops get told to piss off. They can’t let this continue, and the passport system will be an easy solution.

And they already have the catch phrase ready to go and being parroted by the lemmings. “You have choices, but your choices have consequences”

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