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Very interesting letter to the editor on the BFD

Letter to the Editor: The Doubled Anger of the Coerced-Vaxxed

What this letter is, is the tip of the iceberg

The vaccination push is hardly one backed by the general medical fraternity. The government wrote to the medical community and strongly encouraged (I.e. threatened with loss of job or licence) that they get on board with the vaccine push.

Doctors have lost their jobs, committed suicide or are seriously pissed off, like the author of the letter to the editor linked above.

The letter opens with the reality of this threat to a medical professionals livelihood. One that they are best equipped with the best training to assess whether it should be taken. Or not

“I am a medical specialist in a DHB. I have now had both doses of the mRNA Pfizer jab, against my better judgment but under threat of losing my livelihood”

And why would a medical practitioner have concerns about taking the vaccine?

“The long term risk to me from this vaccination is unknown. And I know that Hipkins and Bloomfield deliberately lied on the ‘Sunday’ programme back in about April when they each looked into the camera and reassured New Zealanders that this vaccine was fully tested and safe.”

It seems to be so lost, in this fear driven forced medical treatment edict, that we are actually taking a rapidly developed new medical treatment. One that hasn’t been afforded the same scrutiny that medications would normally go through prior to being given to the population.

It is all driven by politicians and the manufacturer, rather than independent medical advice.

Sure the FDA in the US, MedSafe in NZ and Aussies TGA have approved the use of this medication. But not only are they under huge pressure to do so from the governments, they are all simply relying on the manufacturers testing and advice as to whether they should be approved. All before a full testing regime can be completed by the organisation’s, or even the manufacturer itself.

Do I need to remind everyone the long term effects aspect of the trial, is still more than a year away from being completed?

What’s more, it is now apparent that the jab technique is critical. Should the mRNA jab get into your blood stream it is likely to cause issues such as the myocarditis issue that is currently being swept under the carpet.

The instructions on administering the vaccine don’t even include this critical point of ensuring the vaccine is intramuscular by checking for blood

“My colleague has chosen to stop work rather than have the first vaccination. He is at huge loggerheads with his wife. He is incredibly stressed, and needlessly so. Ardern has so much to answer for.”

So in a pandemic where there is likely to be the need for more medical staff, we are forcing them to take a vaccine they don’t want or they lose their job.

Many people have lost their GP because they won’t tow the government line and there have even been suicides of medical professionals in recent times. An industry already under stress, has been made impossible for many of the ones we will likely rely on in the future.

The ones that were expected to work through the pandemic when there was no vaccine now can’t because of one.

There is currently 1,713 jobs being advertised for medical staff in our DHB’s

And if you think this is a one-off Doctor having a whinge. You might also never have heard of the Great Barrington Declaration. It doesn’t get much press but the link to this is below showing how many public health professionals and general medical professionals are against this politically driven response to the Corona virus.


Almost 15,000 public health experts and over 44,000 medical professionals have penned their objections to how the virus is being handled at a political level.

Our response is being driven by a small group of political medical professionals, who’s recommendations are then decided on by the most activist student politicians we have ever seen.

Sadly our mid pandemic election provided labour with total control of the political sphere, so there is no voice of reason in opposition to the hostage situation we find ourselves in. This situation is not from the virus, but from those that are chosen to preside over our response.

This has gone from a global medical challenge to a rolling out of a new regime of control. Not based on scientific evidence (such as the mask mandates) but rather changes based on political ideology.

Months of time was given to the government to prepare iCU beds, create specialised MIQ facilities with professionals to manage and treat infections and keep them well contained. But no, the war chest of finds that we were told was to handle the virus, was used for pet projects while the PM and Grant Robertson congratulated themselves on being the saviours of Aotearoa.

More interested they were in pushing unpopular legislation through and self congratulating. Rather than taking the hint the virus provided, which is we have a massively underfunded health system, the money was instead rushed out to school lunches and jobs for the environment, to name a few.

“The NZ Medical Council are not fit for purpose – in April they wrote to all doctors telling us that they expected us to be vaccinated to set an example. They were totally out of line – their role is to ensure competency in the medical workforce, not dictate personal medical treatments. I have lost all faith in them.”

Sounds like a healthy relationship and the unions are no better. The organisation that is supposedly there for the doctors to look after their rights, has also joined the choir.

“The only way I can now meaningfully protest against the Ardern Government’s horrendous edicts is to resign from my DHB post and work in the private sector. I am seriously considering this, but it will disadvantage my patients and colleagues. In our department of 9 or 10, one is retiring, another to retire in a year or so, and we cannot recruit overseas at present, so our department would shrink by about one third if I also resign – a very similar workforce shrinkage to the midwives.”

So we are going to lose more medical staff, we can’t hire more and everyone is going around blaming the unvaccinated on clogging up the health system.

So who is clogging up the health system.

There are approximately 2.5 adverse events including death that need medical attention from a nurse, doctor or other medical professionals per 1,000 jabs.

A lot more (4.6 per 1000) if you count to total adverse reactions per jab. At time of publishing the below data, 5.32 million jabs had been administered in NZ

This ranges from a small reaction up to clots and myocarditis which can have serious long term health issues that require a lot of ongoing medical assistance.

This needs to be included in the cost to health calculations from those that want to point at the health cost of getting vaccinated versus not getting vaccinated.

Currently we have 7 patients in the limited number of ICU beds we have available. A further 40 people are in hospital with effects from the virus. This will no doubt increase however, the stats coming out from delta ravaged England, show the hospitalisation rates between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are a differential of .89 people per 1000 for unvaccinated people over 50 years old versus .26 people per 1,000 of the vaccinated.

This is the average hospitalisations per 100,000 people for over 50’s on the table below. It’s a rolling 4 week average.

On that bases you could argue that the total impact on the hospital system is 2.76 per 1,000 for the vaccinated, verses 0.89 of the unvaccinated on the 50 plus age group – which are the most at risk.

As the jabs become a 6 monthly affair, the adverse event’s will only increase. Meanwhile the unvaccinated develop natural immunity, or die off, as claimed by those that are still shrouded by the fear of what the virus might do to you or them.

Don’t worry Ardern will protect you.

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