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Ones health status is LITERALLY none of anyone’s business, including the Government & or Police, let alone a local supermarket employee! You cannot legally deny a person access to Food, Medicine or other services on the grounds of a persons medical condition according to the law.

You can request a card from the Disabled Persons Assembly NZ by contacting them on 04 801 9100 or emailing them at info@dpa.org.nz

Now this is where it gets interesting!

I sent them a quick email asking for an exemption with the reason that I struggle to breath properly with a mask on for too long & get light headed. They replied 3 days later with the following….


Kia ora Admin Ant,

The Exemption Card has been developed by the Ministry of Health specifically for those who cannot wear face coverings safely due to a disability or health condition.  

Does that apply to you? If you confirm that it does, I can email you PDF and jpeg versions of the exemption card that you may be able to either print off or save to your phone as a screensaver.  

If you also let us know your postal address, we can send a physical credit card-sized version out to you.  

People who ask us for the card tend to identify as disabled or give us a short sentence about why they need the card. This just helps reassure us that we are sending the card to the right people. However, as the use of this card is self-regulated and decided upon by the individual, you don’t need to explain the reasoning.  

The Ministry of Health encourages people to do the right thing and only use this Exemption Card if you need to.


Note the 2nd to last part? Initially they ask why, then later state you don’t have to tell us & it is self regulated!!! The main stream media is showing you images of people getting arrested to scare you yet here are your rights! Disgusting Nazi’s!

And here is my last reply…


“Hi there, yes that does apply to me, as mentioned I struggle to breath properly with it on.
Yes please can you send me the PDF & JPEG versions.


Admin Ant


So it turns out, you don’t actually need to apply, you simply need to show any authority the attached exemption on your phone, smile & be on your way! I’ve had two checkout operators try give me medicial advice which was met with the following…….”are you a medical practitioner? No I didn’t think so, so why are you dispensing medical advice to strangers in your duty as a checkout operator?” That quickly shuts the uneducated/ignorant fools up!

Below is a Government website stating the exemptions….

Happy healthy living people!



Who does NOT need to wear a face covering

We know that some people who have a disability or health condition may not be able to wear a face covering safely or comfortably. Please be mindful of this. They still have the right to food, pharmacies and other services.

In general, face coverings should be worn whenever you can. The Delta variant is more transmissible by droplets, so face coverings are a way we can protect ourselves and each other.

If you are around people you do not know, it is a good idea to wear a mask.

Face coverings do not need to be worn:

  • by children under 12
  • by students on school buses
  • on a boat or ship that has no enclosed space for passengers, for example jet boat tours
  • on charter or group tours
  • on private flights
  • by drivers, pilots, staff or crew of the service if they are in a space completely separated from passengers, for example pilots in a cockpit, train drivers in a train cab, captain on a ferry.

You also do not need to wear face coverings if:

  • it is unsafe, for example if wearing one means a driver cannot safely operate the vehicle
  • there is an emergency
  • you have a physical or mental health illness or condition or disability that makes wearing a face covering unsuitable
  • you need to prove your identity
  • you need to communicate with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing
  • you need to take medicine
  • you need to eat or drink, if eating or drinking is usually allowed
  • it is not required by law. 
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