A more palatable vaccine?

If you have had concerns over the two does mRNA vaccines, such as the current Pfizer vaccine. Well, there is soon to be another vaccine option which uses a more conventional method of protecting you against viral attacks.

This system of delivering protection is through what is called a viral vector vaccine.

This is a technology that isn’t as new and untested as the mRNA technology and delivers the antigen stimulating material through a harmless virus that won’t cause an infection.

This form of therapy was first created in the 1970’s and does not require the vaccine to be stored at the frozen level of temperature that the mRNA vaccines need to be transported at.

It can be stored at 2 – 8 degrees Celsius for 3 months or frozen to last up to 2 years.

Also if you don’t like injections the good news is you don’t need 2 jabs as it is a single dose injection.

There are currently 4 different ways of getting vaccinations and if you prefer a more tried and tested technology, then the Jenssen vaccine may be more up your alley.

As always seek your own medical advice, but here is a brief description of the various vaccine delivery systems.

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