A New Religion

Whilst sustainability and looking after our planet are desirable outcomes, the level of indoctrination and brainwashing contained in this education document is frightening.

Is this what our kids are being taught at a primary school age?


This module goes straight into teaching about the U.N. and the utopian world that the organisation purports to have as their goal.

A political ideology at this age?

One section talks about forming a Government around the subject of climate change. The activity is for the class to hold an election.

Check out the learning example given below

What the hell are they doing indoctrinating our kids into a socialised agenda that implants the thoughts of “forcing” people to comply?

What else should we force our population into children?

This education pamphlet is a thinly disguised document to propagandise the young into zero critical thought on anything but the UN agenda.

Sorry, your politics may seem good to you but I don’t need it taught like it’s the gospel to our children thanks.

Just because our current ideological PM is a U.N. Prospect and a WEF loyalist. It doesn’t make this education module anything more than theoretical philosophy based on dreamy thoughts and pseudo science.

Perhaps you can discuss Sri Lanka as what happens when you adopt the very things this module teaches leads to less poverty and more equality. A Nation that can no longer feed itself and the schools and hospitals are closed . No one in prosperity is equality too I guess.

Climate Change Crisis is just short a house of prayer to reaching religious (Cult) status.

People defend it by rubbishing those that question it. They take it as gospel without any understanding of how to justify their belief. You just hear the same lines repeated over and over regardless of if there is any resemblance to fact.

I can now see why arguing with a climate alarmist is like questioning a religious person on the merit of their faith. Our kids are being taught to not question the narrative and that it’s okay to “force” their fellow citizens to comply.

It’s one thing that adults are subjected to continuous propaganda like this example below.

But is it really a good education to be taught what is nothing but a political philosophy, one that is in no way proven science, to kids that have no way of knowing that the lessons they are learning can easily have outcomes like what Sri Lanka is now experiencing.

Do as the UN says and we will live happily ever after.

Please teach my children how to read and write and how life works from sciences they can relate to. Teach them principles based on fact. I didn’t send my child to a religious school to be conned into your political ideology, so please stop teaching them your religion.

We have children coming out of school who can barely add two and two, can’t write a comprehensible sentence but are in the belief that CO2 is a pollutant and that it’s okay to force people to have to ride to work.

This is why the West is about to become broke and confused.

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