A single action Colt cannot fire itself Alec

Whilst the pressure increases on Baldwin about who is to blame for his almost execution style “accidental shooting,” some legal eagles speculate that the only thing that will save Baldwin is his political alignment with the New Mexico Attorney General, who is a Democrat.

Other legal experts are not so sure and think Baldwin should not face any charges if he was told the gun was “cold”

Baldwin claims he feels no guilt for his part in the shooting. perhaps his legal team told him to say that as guilt is usually associated with an admission of wrong doing.

At this point Baldwin seems to be doing a good job of incriminating himself with his changing story and very public explanations of what happened on that day. Seems he is not interested in his right to remain silent

Let’s look at an expert handling a Colt the way it should be treated on a movie set and all the mechanisms that prevent the weapon firing itself.

If this was anyone else, I would hazard a guess that they would be looking at a minimum charge of involuntary manslaughter.

We shall see

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