A subtle warning to the west


This article linked above is carefully written to avoid the cancel culture which would ensue if it was deemed to be pro Putin.

However, what is not so hidden in the veiled warning is this following comment.

“Russia also controls the world’s largest oil reserves, the second largest coal reserves, 40% of the world’s natural gas, one-fifth of its timber, and an abundance of other minerals and metals such as aluminum, copper, lead, platinum, and tin. Russia’s potash, phosphate, and nitrogen reserves also help produce more than 50 million tons of fertilizer a year – 13% of the global total. Tying Russia’s abundant natural resources to China’s factory floor would further erode Western competitiveness in global markets for both manufactured goods and agricultural products.”

While most of the world sees Russia as a petrol station posing as a country, they forget that Russia is self sufficient. It need not import to keep its population warm and fed.

Yes they import what would be considered luxury items in this war time world of sanctions, they also will go through some hard times over the coming year. However, they are prepared for it. They have planned for this as they have experienced the wrath of the west before.

They have gold reserves and as the article points out, a hungry neighbour that will take their products.

Russia has calculated for what ifs

What the west is not prepared for is how much it will now effect them.

It takes two to tango in any conflict and the rate the western block has gone into full Karen mode has damaged the reputation and trust of the region, in the eyes of many developing nations.

A little diplomacy goes a long way, given the revelations coming out recently such as the alleged bio-labs, many countries would be forgiven for saying to the west, “The lady doth protest too much.”

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