A tale of 3 citizens allegedly killed by the police.

We all know of George Floyd and probably most of you have heard of Daunte Wright who was recently shot and killed in a routine police stop not far from where Floyd died.

There was also another shooting that resulted in the death of a citizen that got a lot of media attention, which is the young lady shot while trying to enter the capital building.

Ashley Babbitt is the lady who was killed by an officer in the window at the capital hill riot.

Babbitt was stepping up to a broken window and as she took a step up to the window she was shot and killed by an officer.

There apparently was no need to shoot Babbitt, she was unarmed and there were multiple police both inside and outside the window where she tried to gain entry.

After she was shot the police on the outside administered first-aid but she died from the single shot fired at her.

Daunte was resisting arrest and the officer who shot him thought she had a taser in her hand. Daunte was resisting arrest for the warrant that was out on him for an aggravated attempted robbery where he joked a girl while trying to take her money she had fit her rent payment. robbery. The officer has been indicted and will face charges for the accidental shooting.

We all know what what is going on with the officer (Chauvin) who was arresting George Floyd when Floyd passed away.

The officer who fatally shot Babbit is facing no charges.

Let’s look at the the three victims.

Notice anything different?

Yep one of them is wearing a MAGA hat!

The reality is the DOJ and the Washington police force share a special relationship and the officer in the Babbit case was found not to be using excessive force in shooting Babbitt. Therefore gets off Scott free and no one knows his identity. Protection for the police in Washington DC but not in the other cases.

If this was in Chicago or Minnesota, it may well have been a different result and the officer would have been indicted.

What do you think is going on with these three unrelated deaths? Two officers charged one not.

Two were shot with a single shot into their torso. One died of either asphyxiation or a heart attack.

One of the victims was an ex military business owner, who owned a swimming pool company and delved into right wing politics.

The other two were known to the police and had either spent time in prison or where at large and had warrants out for their arrests.

All were unnecessary deaths, but only two of them have the officers involved facing jail time.

Looks like a double standard to me.

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