A very good read

Lead me to have a big rant on Facebook today which is rare for me.

Hammers home how much of a social experiment Ardern is conducting.

Given the level of cluelessness, it’s quite the concerning

Article linked at bottom and here’s the rant

So how’s implementing the U.N. Agenda 2030 policies into New Zealand society working out?

Does any of the media want to do some real work on the realities of the how the U.N.’s Utopian dream on NZ society is working out for us all?

We were once an affordable, peaceful and safe society to live in. Like all countries we had plenty of room for improvement. But what has the influence of the U.N. done for our neck of the woods exactly?

What have we got now, with the introduction of the U.N. Influences in our policy settings both in local government and the big wigs in the beehive?

In this presentation from last year (linked at the bottom) we can see that we are being sold down the river by the most dangerous government New Zealand has ever had.

The social injustices that Ardern is claiming to solve by blindly following the desires of the most socialist organisation in the world, is helping transform NZ into the exact opposite of what the agenda 2030 goals proclaim to stand for.

And so quiet about this reality is our media, that people still think it’s a conspiracy theory when you say that the Government is implementing the radical U.N. 2030 policies into our legal policy framework.

Open your eyes people, share far and wide. We are taking part in a social experiment which is misguided and will ultimately do what every other socialist experiment has achieved. A redistribution of wealth away from the people who enjoyed prosperity, to a hap hazard dictatorship government hell bent on total control. Ultimately only achieving the removal of that prosperity for generations if not longer.

What the press are quiet about in this country is the socialist agenda that Ardern and her gang of social justice warriors are implementing. Transformational is a two way street and the direction we are heading isn’t the sunny side of town. But you wouldn’t know it based on our news outlets. As far as they are concerned the government is taking us in the right direction

One of the realities of this U.N. Influence has materialised as the extent of how much worse housing affordability and homelessness is affecting our society.

It would take a pretty special kind of economist to say the U.N. Influence on local government has increased equality when it comes to housing. Both in equality of opportunity and overall equality. Grant Robertson has presided over one of the largest growths in the gap between the have’s and the have-not’s. What’s worse as on the back of bad decisions he is pushing for more and more government control. Just like an inexperience cook pouring cold water on a fat fire, the unintended consequences of his ineptness only goes to show the real outcomes of implementing these policies. Policies dreamt up by failed left wing politicians which is the bulk of the U.N. Representatives.

The push for taking us from a nation that believes in equality of opportunity, to smashing into us that it’s equality itself that we need. Means we are being conditioned to believe it’s wrong to not take from those with more means to redistribute that wealth to those that didn’t bother to take the risks to better themselves.

Most of us have no qualms paying some tax as we understand the merits of social responsibility. Police, education, health etc, and looking after those in hard times is what makes a society work. But when the government wants to control every aspect of perceived social injustices by blindly following the dreams of those that never succeeded. And by spending more and more public money on these clueless endeavours whilst removing any accountability you have a problem.

The answer is always more tax less freedom and the need for more and more of our money.

Of course it’s the government that takes it. And then does what they deem is socially justifiable with it which ultimately ends in a vastly poorer society.

Small business is the enemy of the state control that agenda 2030 wishes upon the global quest for equality.

Those with means are seen as the problem in this quest and in the mind of the socialist, better outcomes don’t come from lifting us out out of poverty. Instead taking from those that have so those that don’t can have their “fair share” is preferable. Ultimately making everyone poorer in the long run.


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