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The answer to the Mainstream Media.

Welcome to Planet B Media, a sanctuary away from the PC BS.

A light-hearted and humorous approach to dealing with all the crap our politicians and the Main Stream Media feed us.

If you are sick of being treated as a sheep, and you want some light shone on the dirty tricks the globalists leaders are playing on us – you are probably at the right place!

Most importantly, if you have a sense of humour and you dont take things too seriously then you may just be in very good company.

From the fear mongering of Anthropogenic Climate Change, the manipulation of media created crises, to pandemics, and beyond.

We will be here to uncover the real reasons behind the headlines, and also bring some informative and useful facts along the way.

Please note that we do use a bit of Black Comedy and some controversial imagery to help make our points. If you are easily offended, I’m sure there are plenty of sites you can practice being a keyboard warrior on. Your melt downs only entertain us.

All we ask – if people are commenting or debating is please try to stick to “Play the ball rules.”

This means attack the subject not the person presenting the subject matter. I.e. Play the ball not the man.

If you go out of your way to troll you’ll swiftly be removed.

Enjoy your stay, feel free to like, follow, comment and share. Also don’t forget to take a look back through the page! Lot’s of quality material.

General housekeeping

Please treat others with respect.

We reserve the right to delete your comments and bad behaviour will result in temporary or permanent bans

If you see something on here that you believe is subject to copyright or some other protections, please contact us so we can review and remove if necessary.

Otherwise enjoy your new home.

The Planet B Team


Thanks for reading this far down.

The Planet B Team enjoys bringing you this site so much, we actually need to earn our keep with it now. This is due to the time it takes away from our business’.

Ideally we go full time and so to help with making Planet B a business model that pays its own bills, we will soon introduce a shop with some cool Planet B Media merchandise and other groovy things that will make you the envy of your mates.

You will also be able to help and support us with some marvellous membership options.

Stay tuned trendsetters and thanks for being part of the PBM team

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