Accuse Him of Rape Trevor

Finally a member of the press has come and said what an increasing number, possibly sneaky majority of what NZers are realising.  

We have an inept one dimensional government.  People now realising this is the least qualified gummint we have had for generations. 

The bad and good news is that is it not a member of the NZ press but a new Zealander who has done what all truly successful kiwis do and obtained a position at a significantly more reputable organisation offshore (like our good Doctors, epidemiologists, virologists etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  SO well done Dan Wooton.

But this is not to just congratulate Mr Wooten.  Over the last few days I have noted some seemingly unrelated events that suggest all is not well in the clown circus.  Firstly a number of Front benchers were not invited to the ‘barbecue by the sea meeting’ which included only some of the labour caucus.  Then Fatboy came out and said quite specifically there was no more money for a 4thvaccine and any more support payments.   Chippy Hipkins yesterday, who was not in New Plymouth, promptly said they were going to,  or could simply borrow more $$$ to top up the covid fund.  Mmmmm and finally when everyone else is postponing weddings Ardern and her intimate policy advisor cancelled theirs.     

So who is responding to Wooten’s article?   None of the above listed No, but  when all else fails, get the State funded Bully to answer.  Sorry Trevor he is too far way to call him a rapist and get away with it. I would also still like to know who the party staffer was that was accused and avoided any repercussion for inappropriate behaviour at their youth camp.

Wooton did get one thing wrong, these guys aren’t Socialists. They are just incompetent f*cks. 

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