ACT about to get their act together?

Seymour was very disappointing when he all but agreed with vaccine mandates and passports. Well he actually did agree with them by saying, a shop keeper has the right to only allow vaccinated people in their shop. More on this shortly.

Slightly worse was the fact he also was pushing (probably still is) that 5 to 12 year olds should go get jabbed regardless of the lack of safety data on kids receiving the mRNA treatment.

So fair to say that he was a very disappointing representative when it came to agreeing with such draconian measures when it came to the COVID response. We certainly held no punches on Planet B Media, when it came to our thoughts on his comments to those that didn’t agree that this vaccine was the silver bullet everyone wanted.

His latest press release shows signs that he is cooling on the idea of the seriousness of COVID. But what was even better, I was fortunate enough to be able to get in the ear of one of ACT’s MP’s last night.

We cooked a BBQ together and he got to listen to Plant B Medias take on things, several times over.

It was pleasing to hear that they were aware of many of the things that we are sharing here and that David was becoming aware that much of the “science” he was following was being back tracked.

I explained that one does not need to be an antivaxxer to point out that this vaccine we are being told to consume wholesale, is not actually effective anymore, let alone as safe as the messaging is.

I asked if they wanted to be on the wrong side of the line when the data continues to show that this experiment isn’t leading to the ending everyone had hoped.

I am hopeful that this info makes it way back to their leader. It is pretty hard to argue the fact that the vaccinated can still pass on the virus, this making vaccine passports unjustifiable., this being a point I repeated several time.

I said to David’s point about the shopkeeper having the right to only deal with vaccinated people would be valid, if the disease was so deadly that 3,4,5 or more percent of everyone who got it died or was very sick from it, and if the vaccine performed like a vaccine is meant to where the transmissions stops with each vaccinated person. Then and only then is there justification for both compelling people to get vaccinated and adopting vaccine passports.

If either one of those factors is not present (both are in this case) then there is zero justifications for the stance of preventing the unvaccinated from participating in what the vaccinated can.

Does David not see that the spreader events are the events only available to the vaccinated.

It will be interesting to follow how ACT evolve as more data comes to hand at the efficacy and safety of the jabs. hopefully the FDA still are required to release the information so that independent scientists can comment.

I was told it is not an easy time for a politician to now come out with a different narrative on the jabs, given how the messaging has been so pro vaccine it would be a dangerous move.

It is true that the first politician that comes out saying hang-on, these vaccines don’t work! will be slaughtered by the press and other commentators.

But those that don’t come out about the efficacy until the general public realise they have been part of a failed experiment, may be slaughtered by more than the press. Figuratively speaking of course.

It was good to hear that the ACT party are not all as passionate about the jabs as the leader. Also and that the science being followed is from an organisation that is currently back l-tracking on their earlier claims.

This does leave ACT in a very precarious position, but one I think is easy to get around.

Admit you were hopeful but wrong.

There you go, that’s some free political advice for you there David.

My other idea on creating a science replication department was also a good one too. But that’s for another day,

Right now the people who don’t want to participate in the experiment anymore are looking for representation. And don’t be fooled that it’s a messily 10% of the population that are “antivaxxer”

There is no way there is 90% of the population that are on board with the vaccinations. many did it because they didn’t want to miss out on pubs and events, many did it or lose their job, many more did it because they thought it would work and now are not that pleased and don’t want anymore. And importantly most know of people who have had adverse reactions.

Follow how many people go out and get boosted if you want a real gauge on the real desire to be jabbed.

A little over half of those who are eligible have had their booster. Circa 850,000 of 1.5 million. Seems they are not rushing out to get them.

We shall see and hope that one of our party leaders gets honest about the safety and efficacy of these jabs. Everyone will find out eventually whether they want to hear it or not.

Then the day of reckoning looms

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