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By Will Ryan

A year later and more random lockdowns means:
Less business confidence
Less investment
Less job security
Banks less likely to lend
Lowered earnings
Lower mortages and therefore auction bids
Housing collapse
NZ economic collapse

A study out of Bristol University estimated that the 9.6% turndown in GDP last year cost the average Brit 4months of lifespan. Multiplied of 67 million people is 560,000 lifetimes extinguished by economic damage.

Meanwhile the models of predicted Covid deaths have been vastly overestimated. The flawed model the UK and NZ used, predicted 700% more deaths than actually occurred in Sweden without lockdowns.

Covid deaths are on average 78-82 years old, the same as average life expectancy, meaning statistically Covid has cost no human lifespans, whilst lockdowns have reduced the future life expectancy of the young and healthy.

How many people will Ardern kill in NZ via economic recession/depression before she quits this unsustainable strategy?

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