Am I too optimistic?

With a large part of the climate change argument now being that we ensure we keep the temperature under 1.5 degrees warmer than it was, and trapped heat from an increase in CO2 being the theory is as to why the globe is warmer. We now are in a cooling period.

I had hoped with the predicted cooling that even Trump knew about – funny what good science advisors can do.

“I wish science agreed with you,” the concerned gentlemen said in the video above while Trump assured him it’s going to get cooler.

But as I was saying, I had hoped that a little sensibility would arrive with the cooling we are in.

Since Trump said it would cool in that meeting above, The global temperature has dropped almost 0.5 of a degree Celsius.

For the same period of the year, we are now at virtually the same temperature that we were at in 1980. 41 years of trapped heat and we just lost it all?

How is this possible, and can we now stop scaring the shit out of people about this climate emergency all this “warming” is(n’t) doing?


People ran up a mountain in bad weather dressed in shorts and t shirts and froze to death and it’s because of global warming?

I guess the truth will never get in the way of a good story. the reality is it’s cold.,since%201966%2C%20meteorological%20authorities%20said.

Could it be we are in a cold period because the globe warms and cools with natural variations?

Could we be in a cool period that scientists are fully aware of, and they said it would cool due to ocean currents and sun cycles?

Is it science advisors have told anyone who wants to listen that natural variation is leading us to a potential cooling period, Just like Donald Trump assured these concerned scientists, or is global warming now causing global cooling?

Don’t worry there is theories that the warming will cause cooling and of course this is a problem.

Why? Because we don’t want it to get warm, if it does it will get cooler all by it’s self.

And this is a big problem because we don’t want cooling caused by warming, we want cooling caused by…. politicians and tax!

So this is where we are at. Natural cooling bad, man made cooling good, natural warming is man made – which is bad. But man made warming is good if there is natural cooling.

Remember when scientists were concerned about global cooling and wanted to melt the ice sheets by sprinkling black dust on the ice sheets to melt them?

This was 50 years ago. At the same time geologists were being laughed out of University lectures halls with the crazy notion that there was such a thing as tectonic plates.

The consensus was tectonic plate theory was not true. Oh how a consensus means things are so.

Anyway, Wrap up warm, it’s going to be a cool winter. Brought to by global warming.

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