An excuse perhaps?

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By Will Ryan

NZ Police and government are desperate to connect freedom of speech and social media use as being the cause of the Christchurch Attack so that they can pass hate speech and surveillance laws.

In reality, the alleged terrorist spoke highly of Pakistan and the Islamic people there as he toured the country, even meeting with government officials there. He also enjoyed North Korea. I saw this on his Facebook page before our government had it removed.

Jacinda Ardern also said on the day of the attack, that there would be changes to our gun laws. How can a solution be offered the moment an incident occurs without an investigation to know the cause of the incident?

She immediately knew the guy was “far right” and “pro gun”, when in fact he was the opposite, and offered a solution without establishing the cause, because this government had a hand in the attack. I don’t care if they take me in for questioning, this government either let it happen or made it happen on purpose to offer the “solution” which conveniently advanced their agenda.

Brenton Tarrant didn’t engage in criticism of Islam online so hate speech can’t be a cause or legal changes a solution. Also the Police failed multiple times in issuing and his gun license and later arms and ammunition, so logically the changes should be sticking to internal processes, not changing laws which weren’t at fault to begin with.

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