An experiment on Apes

Truth Banana Air Freshener

A behaviour experiment

They put a ladder in the room and on top of the ladder bananas. Whenever an ape tried to climb up the ladder to get a banana the ape was instantly sprayed with cool water. But not just this ape, the whole group (collective punishment)

The apes stopped trying to get to the bananas; and not just that. Whenever a hungry ape tried to climb the ladder they were attacked by the rest of the group

After a while a slow replacement started.

They removed one ape after another from the original group and replaced them with new apes.
Every new ape tried, of course, to get the bananas – and was attacked by the group.

Eventually all original apes were replaced by new apes, who never were sprayed with cool water, yet those apes kept attacking ape members that tried to get to the bananas, though not a single of the new apes experienced a punishment.
(a similar experiment is happening in several countries right now ,where intergenerational conditioning is replacing traditional and natural behavior with fear )

It seems Those that rule over us are familiar with this experiment. The difference is, rather than trying to get the bananas, it is those that question the government narrative that are treated like the hungry apes.

The bananas are the truth and while most have no idea why, you will be silenced if you get anywhere near it.

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