An Inconvenient Truth?

A new documentary produced by the “far green left” has in fact put the argument forward “that renewable energy is not clean, not green and not practical,” according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.
Environmental documentary film, ‘The Planet of the Humans,’ absolutely “skewers the renewable energy industry,” Mr Kenny said.
“The film goes on to attack major corporations for their pretense, their virtue-signalling on renewable energy”.
Mr Kenny said the stance taken in the documentary is “kinda strange” given the executive producer is Michael Moore, who is a “millionaire, leftist, academy award winning director”.
Mr Kenny said, “why isn’t the ABC talking about this, showing this, debating this?”
“They usually love Mike Moore’s films; they usually love to promote the political films of the green left”.
“This one goes too far for them of course, it attacks renewables and it attacks climate alarmists that they regard as secular saints, like Al Gore”.
He said the new film, “seems to present too many inconvenient truths” for even the ABC to report on.

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