And it starts again

With the new administration in the US, we are back to the bullshit predictions of the dire state of global warming and climate change.

Whilst the northern hemisphere is shrouded in one of the coldest winters for some time and temperature data shows clear cooling for decades in areas like Western Europe, the United States and Asia.

The new leadership of the White House has renewed to setting some random limited time we have to fix the problem.

How many clocks have run out with no onset of run-away warming, global climate catastrophes, rapid sea rise or anything but a consistent climate.

In 1989 we had 10 years according to the UN

Al Gore in 2006 told us that by 2020 there would be no ice at the Arctic. Since then there is 15 Trillion more metric tons of ice at the Arctic. No one mentions the Antarctic that has been growing in ice since before Al Gore’s inconvenient truth.

In 2009, NASA’s James Hansen said we only have until 2013.

For a full list of bad predictions on the back of bad computer models or in the case of AOC, just trying to get ones face on telly, link below

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