And on a completely different matter…

6 Provence’s in Canada have lifted mandates.

Nothing to do with Trucking of course, Trudeau said so, and has warned from his situation room that he’s going to get heavy.

The Situation Room

Let’s see what the weekend brings for our hero’s and the muppets in charge.

Meanwhile David “the ferret” Parker is indearing himself to those against mandates by referring to them as a “tiny group of New Zealanders misguided by social media.”

Whilst there is garbage on social media, we can agree with that. There is also people who are well more qualified than any of our politicians or their selected advisors such as Michael “I have a diploma” Baker

They are publishing papers that are appearing in those fringe blogs, otherwise known as medical journals. But hey I guess not every one reads those eh David. Otherwise we may have abolished the mask mandates a wee while ago.

But I guess as long as 50% of the population are buying your brand of “the science“ the rest of us are just a Fringe Minority with Unacceptable Ideas.

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