And so it begins….

Almost as soon as he sat down from his suggestion that the vaccinated shouldn’t transact with the unvaccinated, the flock that is David Seymour’s sub-herd began bleating.

In the last 48 hours I have been asked by three clients what my vaccination status is.  Because if I am not vaccinated or not intending to get vaccinated then as they are likely to need to come to my office in the future, they will need to change accountants.  They seem to be offended when  I asked if they had herpes.

After my initial yaaaay.  I immediately had to go to who do I let go (yep that right this will cost one of my staff their job.)  

I then contacted my marketing people to amend our website , All Clients Accepted vaccinated, unvaccinated (by choice or exemption), you just have to be smart.  

Then I contacted them back ad took out the smart bit as I cant afford to lose them all.


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