And so it Starts in Maricopa

A separate Audit was conducted in Maricopa, which was canvassing addresses to discuss mail out ballots with residents of homes where mail ballots had been sent.

This was conducted to find out if people really lived in the houses the ballots came from, whether they voted and to see if there was even a house at the address.

Report is below

The lost votes are votes where the residents had cast a vote from their mail in ballot, but their vote was not counted in the election.

Remember it was only 10,457 votes that Biden won by in Arizona. Maricopa County is the largest County in Arizona with over 2,595,000 registered voters. It makes up a significant proportion of Arizona’s voters which is a total of 4,320,000 registered voters.

173,104 votes were cast by mail that never made it to the election tally.

Ghost votes are votes that were counted towards the total election count, but from people who didn’t live at the address’ that they were mailed to.

These votes came from houses where the residents confirmed that the person was either unknown to them, or that they knew them but they had moved out of state years before the election.

It is illegal to forward a voting ballot in Arizona, so it is very unlikely that these votes came from a forwarded mail address.

96,389 Ghost Votes were recorded.

We are still waiting for the Forensic Audit to be released, which is likely still a week away.

However, with the revelation of the statistical analysis done from this canvasing where over 4,500 registered voters in Maricopa were interviewed. By extrapolating these canvasing results over the known mail out ballots in Maricopa, it all point to some earth shattering revelations coming from the 2020 election.

The very partisan and vocal secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who is now running for Governor, should have never certified the election. She is about to find herself in some serious hot water here and explains why she has fought so hard to stop the election Audits..

More to come

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