And still Q-Anon waits…

So, what happens to the Q’s now the big plan seems to have been the never starter it always was? All those people who hung there hopes on this grand well coordinated Trump strategy to take down the pedophiles and Satanists from the political sphere. And then deliver us all to enlightenment in the 4th dimension.

I see the Q movement folk are still expecting the Army to arrest everyone and lead the people to the promised land. At least they weren’t waiting for the arrival of the Hale Bopp comet/spacecraft which requires you to commit suicide to get on board.

This movement has to be one of the better disinformation programs that has ever occurred, I suspect it was originated somewhere in the Democrats war room, but who knows where it originated. I have heard that Q is actually a pig farmer in the Philippines.

Many Q-Anon supporters went along for a little while before realizing the folly of their ways but the likes of L Lin Wood and Sidney Powell might be wishing they made some better choices. Also the guy who broke into a pizza shop to free the children being held for their adrenalin filled blood, only to find an empty basement

It doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of down right weird and dirty scumbags in politics, but the Q movement fooled many into thinking there was a plan in place and they all just needed to sit back and wait for judgement day.

Now Biden is in the Whitehouse it can only be a few more days before the hardest Q supporter realizes they have been duped.

but you never know, some people will wait for a long time if they still are convinced. there best hope may be the Patriot Party.

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