And there is your answer on who is still buying the Narrative. If you believe Reid Research

47.9% of the county are completely clueless about the reality of viruses and their spread when they are as contagious as the Omicron.

47.9 % of the dimwit sheep that we call countrymen are so blissfully ignorant to the fact that a lockdown will do nothing, so propagandised that they would support it just to keep them safe from the evil virus that has more chance of giving you a snotty nose than terminating your existence. And this is even though lockdowns haven’t worked anywhere to achieve anything but misery for the public.

So under the ether of this plandemic are the people that the psychological damage has hit hard.

45.8% say that lockdowns are a bad idea. The good news here is many have woken up, but if almost 50% of our population still believe in lockdowns, masks and the efficacy of vaccines. It means there is a lot more work to do bringing “the science” to those that hang if every word of our media and politicians.

Reid Research have been rumoured to be doing some pretty sketchy polling techniques called push polling, has anyone been surveyed by Reid Research lately who can attest to the questions asked?

I really had hoped we had less than 48% of the population still living in fear. The pandemic will not end until enough people pull their heads out of the COVID sand and see it’s okay out here.

Meanwhile they will support vaccine passports, glare at non face mask wearing people and want economy killing lockdowns.

What a depressing poll.

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