Andrew Little living in La La Land Again

It is hardly surprising that Little is burying his head in the sand, he is a habitual copout.

With the increasing pressure on the MP and Labour that the state of the Health System in NZ is in crises mode the man in charge is doing what he does and ignores the danger signs.

Little is a paper shuffling fool who is so out of his depth that it isn’t surprising he was labelled Angry Andy. It is those that are fools that lash out with anger when so obviously have zero clues as to what their job is.

Andrew Little is more than a fool as this very quashed story on his involvement with the Pike River disaster will reveal.

It is the Pike River ordeal that saw many people lose a lot of money who invested in the mine (yours truly included) and even worse many workers paying with their lives leaving aggrieved family’s behind.

Little was the National Secretary of the EPMU at the time 29 men lost their lives. It was an insult to reality that Little was made the minister of the Pike River Mine Recovery given the history of what lead to the disaster.

Linked below is the story

The basics of the story are as follows

  • EPMU National secretary Andrew Little (now a Labour MP)  told the New Zealand Herald on November 22,  2010 that  there was “nothing unusual about Pike River or this mine that we’ve been particularly concerned about
  • He then appeared on TVNZ’s  Close Up  to again defend PRC management
  • He told Close Up that underground mining was inherently unsafe and the risk of gas explosions, particularly on the West Coast, was high.
  • On November 26, 2010 the Dominion Post  ran an article that denounced ‘wild’ rumours that the mine was not safe. It declared  that  “Any suggestion of obvious or known safety lapses does not find traction with unionised staff or union leader Andrew Little.”
  • Andrew Little’s conciliatory views toward  PRC management were echoed by Labour MP Damien O’Connor. He suggested that no one was responsible for the accident and that the  disaster was “just one of these things that the West Coast unfortunately has had to get used to over the years”.
  • Expert opinion at this time quoted, “All workers at the mining site should be seriously concerned that the EPMU has such a benevolent view of its safety standards.”
  • While Andrew Little defended the position of the PRC, an independent expert had said the mine was flooded with methane and the operating standards were very poor. Miners had bored through “high flow methane holes” without any risk assessment conducted or procedure on how to manage gas flow from the hole in place. PRC had not implemented gas draining regime that could have relieved methane pressure.
  • A former writer for coal magazine said the miners complained about safety issues at the mine
  • Despite the evidence of danger at the mine the EPMU did nothing
  • The mine opened in November 2008  and on not one occasion did the EPMU  initiate industrial action or even criticise PRC’S  safety standards, even after a group of workers  walked off the job to protest the lack of basic emergency equipment
  • The walk out by miners was revealed by miner  Brent Forrester. He told TVNZ’s Sunday on December 5 2010 that  he once helped organise a walkout of about 10 miners to protest the lack of basic emergency equipment, including stretchers and an emergency transport vehicle. They received no support from the EPMU. Andrew Little  even insisted that  PRC “had a good health and safety committee that’s been very active.”

So the man in charge of the Union that represented the majority of the workers ignored calls for action, said there was nothing wrong and then we all know what happened next.

Now we have the same benevolent attitude towards health from a minister that should be no where near anything of such importance.

Andrew Little is affectionately Calle Dr Do Little in the Health Industry by frustrated hospital bosses. What a surprise when you look at how well he represented the minors.

The guy is just an oxygen thief and needs to be removed from the public teat so he can go off and be an employment lawyer or some half useful.

Just another useless Labour MP

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