Anger after small businesses wait nearly an hour for police after call for help

What a time to be alive if you’re a criminal in NZ, you have the full support of the Govt.

Honour amongst thieves!

Some small businesses are concerned about how long it takes for police to arrive to their call-outs after an incident in which they say they waited for nearly an hour.

Some operators in the Auckland suburb of Hillsborough are among the latest to be affected by threatening behaviour from intoxicated and aggressive customers or passers-by.

They say despite calling for backup, officers did not get there in time.

Police said there were “other demands”, but they responded as soon as possible.

On Saturday afternoon, Udey Singh-Rana arrived at his curry restaurant with his wife and two daughters to prepare to open up. He saw his front door was smashed and an intoxicated man charged at him.

He then retreated to his car and called police but said they did not show up until about an hour later.

“We were calling … next door the liquor person was also calling continously,” Singh-Rana said.

“Police came very late, for maybe one hour [we waited].”

Jash Kanakia, the manager of a liquor store on the same premises, said the drunk man had been causing issues there for a while.

He said the man punched their grille door after staff refused to let him in and sell him alcohol, and yelled racist and threatening comments.

CCTV footage also shows the man chasing customers away, breaking a letter box, tossing around road cones, advertisement stands and a wood pallet.

Small businesses FUMING after wait for police reaches nearly an hour
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