Another Euro political casualty

Boris is being pried out of Downing Street a similar casualty has been announced in Italy.

Italian prime minister Mario Draghi to resign after coalition partner pulls support

The former head of the European Central Bank has led a unity government since February 2021.

But Five Star leader Giuseppe Conte accused him of not doing enough to tackle the cost of living crisis.

Although there are talks oh his resignation being refused it seems it is all over for the Italian PM

It is just a question of who is next.

French President Emmanuel Macron warned his country’s people Thursday to prepare for a total cutoff of Russian natural gas by supporting alternatives, having public lights switched off at night and engaging in a period of nationwide energy “sobriety.”

In Germany a scandal involving alleged date rape drug use, could be setting the scene for heads to roll.

Several women reported being given date rape drugs on Wednesday at German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s annual summer convention party for the left-wing Social Democrat Party (SPD).

Germany is looking at an energy crisis which will create major issues for the industrial juggernaut.

In the Netherlands the press are doing their best to play down the farmers protests, but this long standing feud is not slowing down. Fears are mounting over food shortages in the EU with all the climate based regulations being imposed on farmers.

Nothing gives more political security to leaders than cold and hungry people.

Brussels wants member states to turn down the heating and compensate industries for curbing gas use to prevent an energy crisis as Russia cuts supplies.

Finland has had the gas turned off, the Scandinavian country has long been a rival of Russia and it seems there is still not much love lost between the two

Meanwhile in Russia they are experiencing deflation after price hikes in March. High oil prices are set to keep money rolling into the energy rich country for years to come,and the warnings from Putin to the NATO countries remains as a warning to pull your head in.

The BRICS group of Countries is seemingly on the rise with Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia wanting to join.

As summer inches closer in the Southern Hemisphere watch an increasingly angry European people. As the summer months roll into autumn.

On the other side of the Atlantic things aren’t looking much rosier for Biden. The official inflation rate may be a touch over 9% but the real inflation pressure is actually at 17.3%

Annual headline CPI Inflation jumped to 41-year high of 9.1%, up from 8.6% in May, while the June 2022 Annual ShadowStats Alternate “Corrected” CPI Inflation jumped to a new 75-Year high of 17.3%, from 16.8% in May, on top of resurgent energy prices.

There are many things politicians can conceal, manipulate and down right lie about to bewilder the masses into a false sense of security that all is well. Rising cost of living and energy shortages are not one of those things.

Nothing like living through the post covid economical hangover by picking a economic war with a country the globe relies on for essential commodities.

What can we expect next?

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