Another Failure of the Government

The Guardian must have had their usual woke editors on leave this Easter as a rather disparaging article has made its way into the public sphere, where Ardern doesn’t come out smelling of roses.

It is another of Ardern’s promises, the young ideological leader tearfully pledged to the families of suicide victims that she would improve mental health.

Another lesson in that announcing that you are throwing a huge amount of money at something, doesn’t mean you have improved it.

A record $1.9 billion was allocate to mental health to improve the situation.

What has happened?

I scathing report that things have got a whole lot worse since the last Government has just been released last week.

It’s got to the point that the best thing Labour can do is not touch anything, as so far all they have achieved is turning things that worked fine into challenges, challenges into problems, and problems into crises.

Cant wait to hear the spin on this one..

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