Another week of data showing us the harm of rushed COVD-19 vaccines

It is just going from bad to worse. Slowly the medical fraternity are waking up, but is all too slow.

We are still being told to get boosted and yet everything has been fraudulently presented to us and the doctors recommending the vaccine.

It is time for an honest enquiry into this sick joke.

The below article shows just how badly we have been lied to.

From counting unvaccinated deaths before a vaccine was available as stats comparing deaths of vaccinated to the unvaccinated.

Counting vaccinated people who didn’t get vaccinated by the same hospital as unvaccinated when the came to ED’s

But that is just the start. It is one of the most revealing accounts of the harm caused by this untested therapeutic.

Lie after lie after lie.

Another article out this week shows that Panama was going just fine using Hydroxychloroquine until the vaccine came along and made them one of the worst countries for illness’s and death

Uruguay (posted earlier in the week) had the same issue and has stopped jabbing kids.

Its just sad that so many in good faith have recommended this misnomer of a vaccine to patients, friends and the people they represent.

History will not be kind to the Doctors and politicians of the COVID era.

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