Answer Honestly

Larry Elder is one of the front runners for the California Governor recall election.

If succesful he would be the first black Governor of California.

Only problem is he is a Republican.

So if he was a Democrat, how do you think the world media would respond to a white women not only throwing an egg, but she did it wearing an ape mask and throws a punch at one of the elderly people accompanying Elder as they visited a homeless area in Venice?

The irony is not just that the fact that if this was a Democrat contender that this white women would be public enemy number one in the press. But the press coverage of Elder’s run to be Governor has called him the “black face of white supremacy.”

Tell me the left aren’t unhinged…

The egg did not connect with Elder but it was not the only incident which lead to the walk being abruptly ended.

Funny how its only racism if it suits the narritive.

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