Antarctica on Fire?

Stuff published an article on Antarctica and its unusually high temperature recently. They didn’t publish anything on its lowest temperatures ever recorded last winter, but this doozy didn’t escape their climate alarmism eyes.

Yes Antarctica is on Fire at -19 degrees, which is warm for the area. During the last winter period the coldest continent dropped to a shivering -60.9 degrees on average for 6 months. Info which Stuff wrote about exactly zero times. 9 News in Aussie did though.

But now there is a bit of warm, Stuff (who have stated they will never write about anything that contradicts the anthropogenic warming), have documented this man made damage to the coolness of Antartica.

Just as well we have the ever ready Tony Heller to poor cold water on this inexplicable (apart from man made) warming.

I wonder hen we will all need to move there.

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