Anti Trust

The owners and CEO’s of Big tech outfits such as Twitter, Facebook and Google have been described as spoiled children that are so used to getting their way that they think they can do what they want.

They now find themselves in a moment similar to Bill Gates came to face. So smug was Gates when he was subjected to an anti trust case that he showed just how much he cared for the anticompetitive behaviour he engaged in.

If you haven’t seen the cringe worthy deposition here is 40 minutes of highlights showing just who Gates is.

Soon Google is going to face obvious anti competitive behaviour from a number of areas and legal scholars believe they will be facing a large amount of issues.

The organisation’s believe they have some sort of moral high ground with their practises and that they can just tell judges to leave the internet to them

I hope they get the same treatment that Gates got from lawyer David Bowie in the deposition above.

No doubt they will then spend millions on PR to make everyone love them again like Gates did with the Foundation he created after getting found guilty of anti trust laws

Let us not forget the real man as seen on the video.

The foundation and work he has done here has made him monumentally more wealthy than he was prior to setting it up.

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