Apple threatening to ban Parler from App Store!

Ok shit is getting real! Not content with censorship on certain platforms but now trying to stop other platforms they don’t own or control???? You have GOT to be kidding me! If I were an Apple product user I would drop that device in the rubbish bin immediately (sorry to the other PBM admin who just bought the last Iphone 12 yesterday lol) but this is outrageous! If they want this type of censorship then it HAS to be bipartisan, but it’s quire obviously not! Any argument to the contrary is easily debunked with high ranking government officials, TV hosts & celebrities alike spouting hate speech & inciting violence constantly. Just look at how MSM & big tech treated the BLM/Antifa actions last year! WTF do you they think we all are, stupid? This is surely going to have opposite effect!

Google bans Parler app and Apple could do the same after Capitol Hill  attack - CNET
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