Ardern Answers Questions Live On Air

In her first appearance with Kerry McIvor this year Ardern set aside 1 hour this morning on 1ZB from 9am to 10pm. Check out the comments section in the Herald FB page! A lot of very unhappy kiwi’s! I wonder why!

Here is the best question that never got asked live on air!……

The only thing I want to know which will never be answered.. what is the reasoning the govt won’t commission all the tiny house builders throughout NZ to build tiny houses and develop villages on existing govt land? This takes pressure of motels, they are fabulous safe warm dry accomodations for families that will give them the ability to get back on their feet while being in an inclusive community. The average build time is 3-4 weeks and could house 4 people extremely comfortably and with some design alterations house even more than that. I really can’t find a bad reason for this..

We are spending $1 million dollars a day on emergency housing and that is set to increase! To suggest this is unsustainable is the understatement of the century yet sensible solutions are ignored! At what point is this a dereliction of duty?

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