Ardern has no idea what she is talking about and is simply repeating what the puppet masters say

Remember how you get banned for saying anything negative about the 2020 US election because we aren’t meant to question election integrity?

Yet all the West can say is “sham election” when it comes to the vote to join Russia. Ardern has repeated the same narrative calling it illegal.

The same words repeated by everyone “illegal” and “Sham“

But is it illegal?

Firstly, of the western press saying it was a sham election, none had reporters on the ground covering the various referenda.

Those that were there on the ground covering the event, such as Patrick Lancaster, showed it was a genuine election. There were observers there from other countries and people could vote the way they desired.

Of course Russia would have the ability to make it a sham election, but the fact the regions have been wanting autonomy from western Ukraine, and were at war with Ukraine may be a couple of hints as to which way any referenda might go.

In terms of recognition of Kosovo when annexed from Serbia, the Serbs went to the International Court and got told the Court recognised peoples ability to determine their sovereignty via a referendum.

So what is going to be found in the case of ethnic Russians wanting protection from Ukrainian Neo-Nazi bully boys.?

That’s who the west is standing shoulder to shoulder with. Corrupt politicians and a nationalist hooligan army. Thanks Ardern you have again shown us that NZ is a cork in the bathtub of globalist elites determined to destroy Russia.

The days of standing up to the the western powers have been turned into yes men and woman. Ardern is a puppet and we are the beneficiaries of water the WEF has in store for us.

Just like the pandemic response was not about our health, this war is not about peace for Ukraine.

Funny how no one in the west is talking about the pipeline explosions.

The only war that Russia is losing is the info war. They have lost the media battle fairly and squarely. But they have won the battle for the Donbas and Europe is yet to wake up that they are the ones that were always going to be damaged the most in this outcome. apart from Ukraine of course.

Europe has been played by the Biden Administration and weakened into certain disaster. How well New Zealand will do is yet to be seen but overseas trips are getting g more expensive by the day.

Food shortages will come after the northern hemisphere winter and by the end of New Zealand’s summer the world will be looking like a very different place.

What A time to be alive

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