Ardern is the Extremist and Conspiracy Theorist

Ardern’s Government have a growing number of voters believe they are taking New Zealand in the wrong direction. She is dividing the nation with apartheid style policies and calls for urgent action on what she believes is an existential threat called climate change.

Ardern and her Government forced people to take an experimental medication and locked us in our homes telling us to not talk to our neighbours. A move that has arguably now caused more death than what we were supposedly being protected from.

Detracting journalists and alt media are being banned, intimidated and threatened with lengthy jail sentences, while favourable press is rewarded with public funds.

I put forward that the real extremist and conspiracy theorist is our PM and all those global leaders that have come through the same training ground as her.

Science overwhelmingly disagrees that climate change is an existential threat. More evidence supports the benefits of a slight increase in CO2. The claims of carbon being a driver of the climate are in themselves a conspiracy theory of the kind that is more harmful than those claiming the moon landing was faked or that 5G towers are mind control systems.

The vaccination push is now being scientifically proven to be one of the worst humanitarian disasters which the reality of is still being quashed by those that pushed and forced the experimental treatments

The most dangerous people in our society are those that pass laws to silence those that disagree and ban people who have alternate views.

More importantly the fact that close to two thirds of a population now disagree with your belief, places you closer to the extremism end of the population.

The fact Ardern would go a lot further in her extreme views on climate change, vaccine mandates and controlling the press should there not be elections. means Ardern is in fact exactly that, that she claims to want to prevent.

Ardern is an extremist Conspiricy Theorist and is now harmed and will continue to do so in her self important views on what kindness is and how it should be used.

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