Ardern seems confused as to what she said and what is misinformation regarding wealth tax

Labour have again started the search for more ways to tax everything that moves to keep up their spending. Seemingly oblivious to the state of the economy and the world of pain that is only just starting to effect people with inflation and the arrival of the bad economy due to the shut downs.

in 2020 Ardern was quite impassioned about how a wealth tax was not something they would be looking at, ever. And any claims by National that she was, was misinformation. Quite clearly stated in the video on this 2020 news hub article below.

Here is what she said

“I won’t allow it to happen as Prime Minister,”

“Obviously I’ve already ruled it out,”

“The fact that the Opposition continue to raise it is unfortunately a desperate tactic in the closing days of the campaign. I have made my position and Labour’s position very, very clear. We have ruled it out.”

But it seems that her claims of misinformation was in fact misinformation as now she has said it was capital gains tax she ruled out.

So which one is it Ardern?

Labour like to duck under these questions by reminding New Zealanders that National increased GST in 2010. For this to hold any water, Labour would need to have reversed this change at some point in the past 4 years. Have they reduced it down to 12.5%? No, so why even mention it you retarded bunch of ideology infused muppets. By not decreasing it you are agreeing with it, it may as well been you who increased it.

Also when National increased GST it arrived at the same time as a load of tax cuts giving a neutral effect on the pocket of most.

Anyway, the poll on should we have a wealth tax had the no’s at about 2/3rds last time I checked, so this may be enough for Labour to once again rule it out, like they ruled it out before, before not ruling it out.

Taxing unrealised gains is something that should not be allowed through legislation. It should be a constitutional no no. If we had a constitution. At some point Labour would do well to learn that encouraging people to do better is the real way to a brighter future rather than tax and waste money.

But that would require an ounce of intelligence and vision.

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