Ardern will never let go of COVID

With anything, there are always winners and losers.

When we look at COVID-19 and who the winners are, top of the list is Ardern and the Labour Party.

Such power has the virus delivered to Ardern and her party, and such popularity that it will be hard for Ardern to let go off the power this antigen has delivered.

No amount of bad policy, dire results and blunders (and there are many) could sway the majority of voters away from the lacklustre Government and no one will be more aware of this than the government.

New Zealand’s geographical advantage and the global sensation brought by the virus, handed Ardern a victory of victories and in her mind a mandate.

Letting go of this power will now be difficult and anything that has the virus’ finger prints on it will be reason for Ardern to stamp her foot of authority down on.

NZ Herald reports

Covid 19 coronavirus: NZ ‘dragging the chain’ on transtasman bubble

Although travel to Australia is now deemed safe, Ardern isn’t budging on keeping as all (safely) locked up in our part of down under.

Anything that relaxes our freedom will be resisted until it’s beyond reasonable.

The mind boggles as to what a post “mandatory vaccination” jab will look like. Even many of those that are not typically anti-vax people are openly stating they will not take the vaccine.

What will be legislated in the coming 12 months with the arrival of a vaccination? What new laws will be introduced for those refusing to be injected for a virus that has something like 996 people survive out of every 1000 that are infected?

It is going to be very interesting when we reach the point of rolling out the vaccine, will we see the creation of a new us and them.

Those that are compliant versus the resistance. No jab no travel, no jab no free childcare, no jab no benefit payments.

I can see a big divide opening up here and it will be a moment for the die hard anti vaxer to grow in numbers.

Covid 19 might just be the global phenomenon that renders general vaccinations next to useless, due to the need for take up to create herd immunity if enough people refuse (and it seems they will) then any hope of killing off the virus will be gone.

Just as well in has an IFR rate of 0.4% or we would be in real trouble.

However there will be a lot of blame for those who feel they don’t want the jab.

Just what the world needs. More division.

However there will again be winners and losers here, and you can bet Ardern will be there to collect the prize.

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