Ardern worth $25 million

Lately speculation has been brewing over the value of our beloved PM Ardern.

I had to look into this when a reader was adamant Ardern is on the Pfizer payroll and worth a shitload more than the wealth of owning some his and hers property in the Mt Albert vicinity, and her humble $9,000 per week for being P.M.

Fortunately Ardern is a celebrity so she gets her very own “I’m fabulous just ask anyone” set of web pages, usually found by googling celebrity net worth. The below search is one that has her worth $25 million.

I was surprised to see a few pages claiming ardern is worth between $10 to $25 million depending on which incredibly reliable source you choose to believe.

We know that being an elite in politics has its rewards, but is Ardern really making 10 X more from her extracurricular activities than being the boss of NZ?

We of course don’t know how the celebrity net worth websites calculate the value of those in the limelight, but perhaps they know more than we give them credit for. They claim “her major source of income is from her private businesses.” Really? Perhaps she secretly owns a fish and chip chain somewhere she hasn’t told us about?

In NZ it is a requirement for the politicians to list what they own, owe and receive as gifts. This is called pecuniary interests which lists houses retirement savings and business interests of all of our politicians.

Ardern has nothing listed as assets but a home in the Mt Albert electorate and some retirement schemes, certainly no businesses creating millions of dollars in revenue. The list is copied below if you are nosey and want to see what our politicians own.

Interestingly, we know that the she and the other celebrity in the family, Clarke Gayford, purchased a house in Sandringham after she got up the duff, so there are at least two houses in the PM’s portfolio. So perhaps Gayford is the one holding the dosh.

A quick Company Office search finds only that Gayford was a shareholder in a company called Shonky Productions, which is Ben Boyce’s company. He is the Ben from Pulp Sport fame among other comedy shows and radio broadcasting. However outside that there is no Businesses owned by either of the First Man and his soon the be wife PM.

So it would seem either the celebrity net worth sites have it wrong, or the PM and the fisherman have some good accounting and legal advice on how to hide the money she is allegedly receiving from Pfizer and or her business empire.

On available info we will have to call it Fake News, but feel free to send any evidence of the PM secretly being paid off by the dodgy dealings of a drug company that received the largest fine ever for misleading people.

Any thing is possible.

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