Ardern’s Central Control Socialist Crusade – Financed by Us

By Clive Jackson

Although I have thought it for some time, until now I have been reluctant to share my belief that Ardern’s social agenda propaganda campaign has been intentionally based on an evangelical, religious styled programme. However, after reading the Herald article on 24 August headed –

“Is Ardern the Messiah? Or a crafty MP? Answers may lie in past as a Mormon” – I can now openly share my personal views on the subject.

If you watch Ardern you often see her hold her hands in a praying position as she emphasises points, particularly those that many may find difficult to accept. She will then spread her arms wide in an “embracing” stance which is like a preacher calling the “flock” to follow her. The continual reference to “team of 5 million” and telling us to “let’s be kind” is encouraging us to believe we are all part of her “congregation”. It is totally orchestrated with the help of a huge communications and marketing team that we taxpayers are paying for. The Herald article talks about specific examples where it is so clear she sees herself as a pseudo-religious leader. Remember last year when during one of her daily “sermons” at 1pm she announced that when she and Dr Ashley Bloomfield speak, they are “the single source of truth”? Sounds like a pronouncement from a medieval Pope.

Interesting how we so easily criticise Brian Tamaki and his Destiny Church yet people only join that church and pay money to it by choice. We taxpayers have no choice with having to be a part of and also pay for Ardern’s crusade. Also interesting that although they are easy to criticise for some of their public statements, the Destiny Church leaders have taken children and whole families out of poverty, taken in the homeless and taken people away from the gangs. Ardern cannot even come close to achieving these aims, all of which she promised to do.

One of the common failures of evangelical style leaders is that they are so caught up in their own beliefs that they tend not to have a true understanding of the real world. This is even more of a problem for those leaders who are inexperienced and have never worked in the private sector. Ardern is one of those and is now starting to show that failure and the cracks are becoming more and more apparent.

How for example did she ever think that it was acceptable to give the Mongrel Mob nearly $3m for a meth programme and even worse, to a group closely associated with the head of the Notorious Chapter of the Mongrel Mob which is one of the main distributors of methamphetamine in Hawkes Bay. Local police couldn’t believe government could do this and the Police Association came out strongly against it. With police seizing $2m in assets from the Hawkes Bay Mongrel Mob during a major drug bust earlier this year, they saw Ardern simply returning the money to them.

The grant to the Mongrel Mob programme has totally undermined the work of front line police, destroying their hard work and undermining their confidence. Add to that Ardern sitting on the sidelines and allowing a few imprisoned gang members burning down a multi million dollar prison rather than possibly cause injury to these rioting criminals. If allowed, authorities could have removed them in a couple of hours if not less. Instead a prison was just left to burn.

These are examples of a Prime Minister and leadership team totally out of touch with reality. Add to this her current insistence on maintaining an elimination policy to deal with the Delta variant of Covid (we are now the last country in the world other than a few very small isolated islands to be doing this) is just proof of this. Sadly however she will drive us into bankruptcy in an attempt to prove her power and belief in herself. Certainly we have no option but lockdown at the moment because of the near criminal negligence of this government in failing to secure vaccines as soon as we could. To save $40 million they are now costing us up to $1.5 billion every week we have to extend lockdown.

The biggest problem however facing an evangelical leader is when their promises and prophecies don’t come to fruition. Ardern failures now make her a false prophet. Sure we may get on top of this current outbreak but at what cost?

So beware of Ardern’s social experiment. She really doesn’t care what we think.

Beware of the “centralising” schemes like 3 Waters, Politechnical Institutes restructure (this is already failing miserably with over half of senior managers resigning along with the head of the restructure team), promoting the Significant Natural Areas programme and the centralising of our health system (the Ministry of Health cannot even cope at the moment without even considering managing the biggest restructure in its history).

These schemes are all designed to take away our regional rights and transfer them to central government control. This Ardern led government is orchestrating the biggest removal of personal rights we have ever seen in New Zealand.

And remember, if Labour’s “hate speech “ legislation goes through without amendment, I could be prosecuted for this post.

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