Ardern’s fight for poverty

The old saying, “with friends like that, who needs enemies,” would be about the most apt comparison of the impoverished when it comes to them being the biggest voters of the Labour Party in New Zealand.

Talk was big from Ardern on reducing poverty and the housing crises. Alas it was all too obvious for some, that the well intended changes they have made are riddled with unintended consequences. It is a little ironic that the unintended consequences of her policies are the exact opposite of what she intended.

Rents and property prices will continue to become more of an issue and this is always something that hits the poor the hardest.

We have now topped the list of OECD countries with the most unaffordable housing for the poor. Well done Labour. you tackled housing and you won. Assuming you wanted NZ to be labelled the most unaffordable country. Perhaps Ardern thinks that makes New Zealand more exclusive. who knows

Labour is bringing in even tougher rental home regulations next month, and I know landlords who are being forced to put rents up or remove tenants from the properties due to enormous compliance costs. Some are evicting long term tenants who are not the most ideal, but the landlord had no long term plan of eviction. They are now evicting for the simple reason that, if they are not evicted now, then they will never be able to get rid of them.

This is really an example of the unintended consequences costing people rent hikes and eviction notices. Like the oil and gas ban the poor;y thought through policies are having the result of doing the eaxt opposite of their intentions.

But the poor will keep voting for Labour, as it is almost religious the way that the ones hit the hardest are the biggest advocates of those that hurt them the most.

It is an abusive relationship that will have no end when your chosen leaders are inexperienced Student politicians

possibly the only reason to not go to 4 year terms is Labour.

Labour’s response is to commit to building more houses… As George Bush famously mumbled, “fool me once………… shame on you…………….you fool me cant get fooled again.” apparently its an old saying in Tennessee

Oh how we are being fooled by these clowns. What did Jacinda mean exactly by “lets keep moving?”

Stuff reports on the OECD report below

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