Ardern’s kindness was just part of her deception

Ardern has no interest in anything the voters are concerned about. Her comment to the gentleman, who is a pharmacist btw, that she was going to shut down a press conference because he wasn’t accredited – should be the biggest warning sign yet that we are dealing with a tyrannical egotistical leader.

One that is so out of touch with the voting public that she tells someone asking a genuine question that he isn’t in the in-crowd and kindly piss off.

His crime seemingly was spoiling the image that Ardern was loved and totally in control.

She is clearly only interested in dealing with the media that are in her back pocket and this in itself should be reason for her removal.

She has blossomed into the fascist leader that all overly socialist grubs morph into once they have had the power running through their veins long enough.

It is no longer what the people want, it is what she wants that is all that matters.

I am in her electorate and have emailed a few times when she first got into power, only to have one of her lackies respond. That in itself is not really surprising or out of order. I’m sure she get plenty of emails.

It is the continuing of shutting out anyone who asks her a tough question that is what shows the real nature of her leadership. How many media personalities that don’t bow to the demand of nice fluffy questions either get removed, or long standing time slots cancelled.

Only a select few get to ask preprepared questions

Ardern displays the all the narcissism that leaders like Trump can be accused of but unlike Trump, the bar sadistic behaviour isn’t forgiven by the incredible benefits to the economy and cutting of red tape.

People get upset at others comparing Ardern to Hitler, Stalin or Mao.

The problem for her is you can only act like an out of control fascist for So long before the stigma sticks.

The good news is the vocal dissenters are unlikely to go away any time soon. In fact I suggest they are growing in numbers .

Ardern is so used to an adoring crowd and selfies with the ones that come out to see Jacinda the Kind. There will be more and more people with an axe to grind (figuratively speaking of course) when she is touring around creating sound bytes for the propaganda team

Only so many concerned face looks and “kindly piss off sir’s” will work when she is on the campaign trail and she can learn just what people think of her.

Will we see tears?

The tide has more than started to turn and it needs to. New Zealand needs Ardern as much as the Jews needed Hitler.

I have never known so many people that want out of NZ. Businesses are closing and not because they can’t survive (many are in that boat too) but I know of organisations that have said they can no longer operate in a country being run the way NZ is.

Ardern’s “captains call” socialist experiment will fail, just like all others that have been attempted over the years in unfortunate countries around the world. She will leave a wake of destruction, and a fiscal hole that will take 100 years to recover from.

I just hope enough people are waking up to how evil and dangerous Ardern really is.

She has ushered in apartheid, countless illegal edicts and rushed through laws that are only designed to enable her to clutch tightly on the power she is inebriated with.

Ardern the Evil should be her real monicker

It is obvious she is a conditioned puppet to the higher order puppet masters at the WEF who selected her as a future world leader in 2014. (Feel free to fact check) but this doesn’t stop her having her own fun with the plebs.

She is our own little Amön Goth (the Nazi in Schindler’s List) playing dirty overlord to their little realm whilst holding little power over the real global domination being attempted.

Unlike Hitler, the unelected U.N, Schwab’s WEF and other megalomaniacs Bill Gates and George Soros’s are making the globalist takeover seemingly unstoppable.

Climate change will be treated like COVID was now that we are used to our stay at home orders.

There is only one thing to do and that is get in your local politicians faces and also Ardern the Evil’s at every opportunity and say NO! WE DO NOT CONSENT!

Freedom day is not far away

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