Are Lockdowns a Road to Freedom?

Asking a socialist leader to pave the way to freedom, you could say is akin to asking a hungry crocodile for a quick lift across the river.

Anyone who thinks that tomorrow is the last day of lockdown for a majority of the country, may be in for a little surprise.

We are about to learn how much more transmissible the Delta variant is.

Infected people went to work in a school, went to work in a large hospital, visited the casino, went to malls, cafés, construction sites the list goes on.

Each of the contacts then went on to visit other people.

If this is the super spreader than you would safely assume this has gone far and wide.

Best case then, is we capture over the next two weeks, each and every carrier of the Delta variant. The variant that is now the new turbo charged arm of the propagandists.

However, are they being honest about the true nature of the Delta variant

It would seem the delta variant, whilst apparently more transmissible, it is seemingly not more lethal than the previous version.

Before you say, “that’s because of vaccines.” The reality is in nations that don’t have a good chunk of the population vaccinated, are also experiencing huge reduction in fatalities.

India, where the Delta variant was first detected, has had the fatality rate drop by 90%.

You can tell that the infection and fatality statistics have dropped in India, as the press is back to ignoring the place. This drop is not due to vaccination, could it me ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine? perhaps it was the monsoon.

India is the second most populous country, has 9.1% of the population fully vaccinated. Yet managed to decrease fatalities at a blistering pace.

This does align with the level of infections though.

So monsoon could be the answer. But I would hazard a guess that there are treatments that work that you can’t talk about on social media.

Mexico at 20% vaccination and no monsoon is showing more infections than ever, but a sizeable decrease in fatalities in proportion to infections.

Then there is Sweden, the land of the free and who tweaked the nose of the deadly CORONA.

They have not quite reached 50% of the population vaccinated.

So then we turn to the UK.

Whilst the UK has freedom, very few deaths and a huge amount of new infections, it is hard to say what this really means. You could say the vaccine is solely responsible for this but given that more deaths are coming from the vaccinated it is just too hard to draw true data.

So back to freedom in NZ.

Elimination will be difficult with this so called Super infectious Delta variant.

We now know that the vaccine does not stop you getting it, doesn’t stop you passing it on and it doesn’t stop you dying from it.

How does this compute exactly?

How can we use a vaccine to complete an elimination strategy when the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission?

The answer was in the revelation yesterday from Labour MP Stuart Nash, who stated that even if we were at 80% fully vaccinated, we would still go straight to level 4 lock down.

Lockdowns are not the road to Freedom, it is our new reality.

Remember now, Don’t talk to your neighbour.

Just while I’m on about the virus, if you catch it, you have at least a 99% chance of surviving and more than an 80% chance that the only way you will know you had it is with a dialled up PCR test.

The Road to freedom does not exist. Get used to Ardern locking us down and the big pharma companies getting rich on the 6 monthly booster shot.

You have been fooled

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