Are we ready to admit it yet people?

The U.K. office of official statistics made the claim that, due to the elderly with co morbidities dying from COVID-19 in the past few years that the death rate in this age group would decrease significantly at this time.

What actually happened is mortality has increased. Not just in this age group but in all age groups.

John Campbell brushes around the outside of the cause here, knowing if he gets too close to the bone his videos will be deleted. He rightly claims we deserve answers.

The data keeps coming and the deaths keep occurring, particularly noticeable in the young athletics world as whilst young athletes have died before. the numbers now are just crazy.

Last week alone we had a top cyclist, boxer, rugby player and footballer who dies aged, 37, 30, 20 and 19 respectfully. Every week young and old death rates around the world are way up and it all started at the time of a trial medication.

Another Country realises the vaccine roll out matches excess non COVID mortality

But no one wants to admit it yet. Its not surprising but at some point the cards willl fall and those who can muster the strength will need to apologise.

Fauci isn’t ready yet


If not entirely attributed to the vaccine, then another contender is Lockdowns

Even though the evidence now overwhelmingly shows lockdowns were a mistake Fauci is unapologetic about this.

A Danish Study is another example of evidence this failed policy didn’t stop the transmission of the virus.

It is getting closer and closer to the time that the scientific community can unmask the elephant in the room.

It would seem pretty easy to just take the vaccination status and compare to the mortality rates. If the vaccinated are the majority on a per 100,000 basis of excess mortality versus the mortality of the unvaccinated per 100,000 then you can dive right in there.

Seems the vaccination status is now no longer widely published. They used to do it when we were being vilified for our non compliance ,but this data set’s silence is deafening.

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